The Best Time for Walking: Morning or Evening?

Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise with numerous health benefits. However, the optimal time for walking can vary based on individual goals and lifestyle.

Morning Walks:

- Kickstart your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently throughout the day
- Improve sleep quality, mood, and reduce stress/anxiety due to morning sunlight exposure
- Establish a consistent exercise routine with fewer distractions
- Enhance cognitive function and mental clarity
- Enjoy cleaner air, especially in urban areas

Evening Walks:

- Decompress after a long day and promote better sleep quality
- Relieve stress and transition smoothly from work to personal time
- Aid digestion, especially after dinner
- More flexible schedules and sociable for walking with others
- Cooler temperatures, ideal for hot climates

           No matter the time, proper walking technique and gear are crucial.  KEDLEY® offers a range of supportive braces and wraps for various body parts to prevent injuries and enhance stability during walks. Their products cater to different support levels and injury types.

          Additionally, PERNATON®'s natural joint care gels like PERNATON® GEL and PERNATON® GEL FORTE can provide relief for aches and pains, promote joint mobility, and support recovery after walks. These Swiss-made gels contain high-quality ingredients like green-lipped mussel extract and glycosaminoglycans.

       The decision between morning or evening walks ultimately depends on personal preferences and lifestyle factors. Consider your goals, routine, and environmental conditions to choose the time that works best for you and your body.


19 Jun 2024